About DataSD

DataSD is the information site for the Open Data Program run by the City of San Diego Performance & Analytics Department.

Here, you can keep track of the City’s progress in implementing the Open Data Policy the City Council passed in December 2014 with strong support from Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

About open data

The City collects, produces and stores an enormous amount of data. A few examples include crime counts, parking meter revenue, traffic counts and capital projects. Right now, this data is kept in a number of different places and formats.

If data repositories could be integrated and easily accessed, understanding of civic activity and policy will deepen. Transparency and accountability will increase. And the City will become a more efficient and data-driven leader in the global civic landscape.

Opening up data would help staff and policymakers to make decisions, allow City employees to share information and empower residents to conduct analyses and build applications on top of the City’s data.

Open data program goals

Increase data literacy within the City and with those who interact with the City

Levels of understanding vary on the definitions of data, metadata and Open Data. We also plan to provide City staff with tools for data analysis and visualization.

Manage data as an asset by formalizing existing oversight and ownership

We can create a robust data management program by building on and formalizing existing data management and responsibility structures. This way, we can help City staff avoid data duplication and rework and ensure sustainability of Open Data release.

Release data to the public via a strategic and predictable process

Data releases must account for a multitude of factors, including communicating with data owners, confirming data integrity, removing personally identifiable information (PII), and describing and releasing data in a way that meets Open Format specifications.

Ensure that data are well-described and catalogued

Understanding what data we have is crucial to both Open Data and data management. We worked with departments to create an initial inventory, and now we need to provide processes for keeping it current.

Support increased use of data in decision making, as well as innovations in Open Data use

We have a talented City workforce that makes data-enabled decisions every day. In addition, fostering and expanding interest in government data among residents and other users is crucial to realizing the benefits of an Open Data program.

How did Open Data come to San Diego?

Check out this timeline of open data in the City of San Diego: