Where are the firepits and lifeguard stations on beaches? What kinds of traffic accidents occur in your neighborhood? When are the overhead utility lines around your house getting moved underground?

We will feature data that can answer questions like these on an Open Data portal set to launch in July 2016. But because we can’t publish everything all at once without our rigorous quality control process, we want public input on which datasets to put onto the portal first. Check out our list, and leave a comment on the datasets you find the most interesting.

How did we get this list?

This list features the first round of results from a citywide data inventory the newly formed Open Data team conducted. The inventory is part of a larger effort to make the City of San Diego more open, accessible, efficient, and transparent by creating a central place where residents and City employees can get up-to-date data about city operations. Learn more about Open Data in San Diego.

The inventory required the help of 65 people from 35 City programs and departments. These coordinators identified datasets maintained by their departments and gave us some basic information about each, including which City software system houses the data. Learn more about the inventory process.

We designed the process to cast a wide net for possible datasets. This meant we have had to check each submission and conduct some quality control. It’s important to us that when we tell you we have a dataset, that we actually have it instead of realizing later on that we made a mistake. In compliance with our open data policy we have removed items that are not datasets, that track information about employees, that could pose a security threat to the City if released, or that include data of poor or questionable quality.

What we have below are some of the highest-quality datasets representing a wide range of City activities. We will add to this list as we process more of the initial inventory and launch an automated solution to keeping our inventory updated.

Current inventory list

Datasets Inventoried
Departments Represented

Help us prioritize datasets for release!

CategoryDescriptionVoteDate Added to inventoryTarget publication FYDate PublishedPublished dataset
City infrastructureCity-owned sites as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
FinanceCity's operating and capital budgetsVote2/29/20162017
Public safetyCliff rescues date and locationVote2/29/20162020
Economy and communityCommunity Block Development Grant areas as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityCommunity Development Block Grant projectsVote2/29/20162018
FinanceDaily water utility revenue by rate categoryVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityDevelopment project statusVote2/29/20162018
City management and ethicsEntry and exit points tracked for visitorsVote2/29/20162018
City infrastructureFire hydrant knockover totals by yearVote2/29/20162020
Public safetyFire/EMS response time statisticsVote2/29/20162017
City infrastructureFive-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Outlook report: data on capital infrastructure needs and funding for the next five fiscal yearsVote2/29/20162020
Economy and communityForeign trade zones as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Energy and environmentGeological hazards as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationHistoric properties and the site details that have been submitted to the California Historical Resources Inventory DatabaseVote2/29/20162018
Culture and recreationHistorical districts as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
FinanceHistorical ratings of city bond issuesVote2/29/20162020
Culture and recreationInventory of all City parksVote2/29/20162020
City infrastructureJoint-use areas as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityLand development permit applications receivedVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityLand development permit inspection resultsVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityLease agreements where the City leases space from an outside entityVote2/29/20162018
Energy and environmentSpreadsheet tracking compliance of a goal of achieving a 20% reduction in urban per capita waterVote2/29/20162019
FinanceParking meter transactionsVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureState of the CIP Report: a status report on the Capital Improvements Program. This report includes data on the City's capital infrastructure projects by fiscal yearVote2/29/20162020
Economy and communityGeneral Plan Land UseVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Economy and communityParking zone boundariesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureStreet light inventoryVote2/29/20162019
Economy and communityPermits completedVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsBrowsers and platforms used by visitors to sandiego.govVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityPermits issuedVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureBuilding footprints of city-owned buildings as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityBuilding footprints of non-residential buildings in San Diego as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationRevenue earned annually by each arts and culture organization that receives city fundingVote2/29/20162019
Economy and communityLand development permit statusVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Energy and environmentChildren's Pool seal countsVote2/29/20162019
FinanceSales tax projection tablesVote2/29/20162019
City infrastructureLeases for City-owned propertyVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsCity Council AgendasVote2/29/20162019
City management and top downloaded filesVote2/29/20162019
Energy and environmentTonnages of disposed materials brought to Miramar landfill, plus revenue from transaction feesVote2/29/20162020
Economy and communityCommunity Planning District boundariesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsCity Council Vote ResultsVote2/29/20162020
City management and top search terms/phrasesVote2/29/20162019
Culture and recreationTotal hours of all libraries by yearVote2/29/20162020
TransportationBike route linesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City management and top visited pagesVote2/29/20162019
FinanceTourism Marketing District totals by periodVote2/29/20162020
City infrastructureSchedule of when overhead utility lines will be moved undergroundVote2/29/20162019
FinanceTransient Occupancy Tax certificate counts by type and statusVote2/29/20162020
Culture and recreationLibrary hours by locationVote2/29/20162020
FinanceTransient Occupancy Tax totals by periodVote2/29/20162020
City infrastructureLifeguard stationsVote2/29/20162020
City infrastructureMapping of open and closed landfillsVote2/29/20162018
Energy and environmentTrash, recycling and yard waste tonnage collected by City forcesVote2/29/20162020
Culture and recreationSpecial eventsVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
FinanceListing of bond refundingsVote2/29/20162020
Energy and environmentMetered potable water billed to all accounts, rolling 12-months, in acre-feetVote2/29/20162020
Energy and environmentWastewater testing, including total suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demandVote2/29/20162019
City management and ethicsCity Council district boundariesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
TransportationStreet sweeping schedulesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
FinanceListing of continuing disclosure filings made for each bond issuanceVote2/29/20162020
Energy and environmentMetered recycled irrigation billed to all accounts, rolling 12 months, in acre-feetVote2/29/20162020
City infrastructureWater main break totals by yearVote2/29/20162019
Economy and communityOpen code enforcement casesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureTraffic signal inventoryVote2/29/20162016
FinanceListing of properties whose lease revenues secure lease-revenue bondsVote2/29/20162020
Energy and environmentMetered water billed to all accounts, rolling 12 months, in acre-feetVote2/29/20162018
City infrastructureWater main breaks as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162019
Economy and communityFinancial support for candidates and ballot measures up for electionVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
TransportationTraffic volumesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Energy and environmentMetered water billed to City accounts by City DepartmentVote2/29/20162018
Public safetyFire incidentsVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Economy and communityZoningVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Public safetyCity of San Diego Fire-Rescue administrative battalion districts as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Energy and environmentMetered water billed to City accounts by premise typeVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityActive businesses by Business Improvement DistrictVote2/29/20162017
Public safetyCity of San Diego Fire-Rescue administrative engine districts as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Energy and environmentMetered water billed to City accounts for Park and RecreationVote2/29/20162018
Culture and recreationPools/aquatic center locations as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162019
City infrastructureRecreation center locationsVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsActive campaign committeesVote2/29/20162017
Energy and environmentMonthly reservoir reports for Hodges, Sutherland, Olivenhain reservoirsVote2/29/20162018
City management and ethicsPublic Utilities Capital Improvements Program as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162019
Economy and communityCode enforcement case statusVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationAmount of money each city-funded arts and culture organization annually spends in the local economyVote2/29/20162017
Economy and communityNumber of companies assisted annually through the Economic Development DepartmentVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityRecently closed code enforcement casesVote2/29/20162019
City infrastructureMonitoring of indicator bacteria in drinking waterVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationAmount of revenue contributed by entities other than the city annually to each arts and culture organization that also receives City fundingVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationNumber of free admissions offered annually by each arts and culture organization that receives city fundingVote2/29/20162018
Energy and environmentRecycled water billed to City accountsVote2/29/20162019
City management and ethicsAppointments, reappointments, resignations in City boards and commissionsVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationNumber of full-time employees, part-time employees and volunteers engaged by each arts and culture organization that receives city fundingVote2/29/20162018
FinanceRecycled water utility revenue by rate categoryVote2/29/20162019
Culture and recreationAthletic areas as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationNumber of paid admissions collected annually by each arts and culture organization that receives city fundingVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityBank reported vacant/foreclosed propertiesVote2/29/20162017
Culture and recreationNumber of people who attend the services provided by city-funded arts and culture organizations each yearVote2/29/20162018
Culture and recreationBeach amentities by beachVote2/29/20162020
City management and ethicsNumber of unique and return visitors to sandiego.govVote2/29/20162018
Public safetyBeach misdemeanor and infraction trackingVote2/29/20162020
Economy and communityNumbers of new storefront improvement program participantsVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityBusiness Improvement District boundariesVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Economy and communityNumbers of projects completed as part of the storefront improvement programVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityBusiness listingsVote2/29/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationNumbers of tourists who access services from arts and culture organizations that receive City fundingVote2/29/20162018
Culture and recreationOfficial Library circulation statisticsVote2/29/20162020
Culture and recreationParcels designated as open space in GIS layerVote2/29/20162018
Culture and recreationPark land by dedication status as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162018
Economy and communityParking impact zones for campus, coast & beach as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162019
City infrastructureParks restroom inventoryVote2/29/20162020
FinancePayments to vendors who work with the CityVote2/29/20162019
Culture and recreationPlayground locations as a geographic datasetVote2/29/20162019
Public safetyPolice adult arrest logVote2/29/20162019
Public safetyPolice tracking of collisions, including date/time and locationVote2/29/20162019
City infrastructureStreet projects (slurry, overlay, concrete)Vote6/8/20162019
City infrastructureStreet Overall Condition IndexVote6/8/20162017
City infrastructureSidewalk Overall Condition IndexVote6/8/20162020
City infrastructureParking meter locationsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Public safetyFire station locationsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureBike-friendly miles added or improvedVote6/8/20162017
City infrastructureParcels to City-owned propertiesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsResults from the resident satisfaction surveyVote6/8/20162017
City infrastructureGet It Done Requests (311)Vote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City management and ethicsStreet sweeping monthly performance reportsVote6/8/20162019
Economy and communityCode enforcement complaint type codesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureAvailable services through Get It Done (311)Vote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationLocations of public artVote6/8/20162017
Culture and recreationLibrary and recreation center programsVote6/8/20162020
Economy and communityMaintenance Assessment Districts as a geographic datasetVote6/8/20162018
Economy and communityRevolving Loan Fund coverage boundaryVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Economy and communityBusinesses opened this year according to business tax recordsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureMonitoring of select chemical parameters in drinking waterVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureDrinking water sample sitesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Energy and environmentCity energy useVote6/8/20162018
Public safetyPolice vehicle stop dataVote6/8/20162019
Public safetyPolice calls for serviceVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureCity-owned property detailsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationLibrary locations in San Diego CountyVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Culture and recreationPark locationsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
City infrastructureCity Right-of-Way boundariesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Public safetyPolice beatsVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Public safetyPolice call disposition codesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Public safetyPolice call typesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
FinanceBilling for leases on City-owned propertiesVote6/8/2016201607/01/2016
Don't see a dataset here that you thought you would? We could still be getting it ready for the inventory, but let us know just in case so we can talk to our coordinators by filling out this form.